In the midst of grief, agents of hope


South Sydney Uniting Church #wecandobetter 
A service of hope and lament for people seeking asylum

Uniting Church members and friends gathered on 27 November at Pitt Street Uniting Church in Sydney for a Service of Lament and Hope for people seeking asylum. The texts for the service were Psalm 137 and Matthew 25:31-46. The service was part of the Church’s Give Hope Campaign. This is my sermon.

Pitt Street Uniting Church is on the land of Gadigal People of the Eora Nation.

Lament and hope. Grief and salvation.

Whose lives do we grieve? How can we be agents hope in a broken world? Continue reading

One Household – Like We Mean It

San Francisco, Photo: Elenie Poulos

This was a speech I delivered at the National Environment Meeting 2016, at the University of Sydney on 22 October. The theme for the conference was ‘Hope in the Dark’ and I was part of a panel talking about the need for environment groups to build alliances with Indigenous groups, faith-based groups, unions, and legal organisations.

We met on the land of Gadigal People of the Eora Nation.

We are here together today to talk about change because we know that if the planet is going to survive in a way that will support future generations to live in peace and prosperity, then we need to change the way we live. Tinkering at the edges of systems, policies, structures and programs won’t do it. And neither will a fragmented approach to advocacy that has us boxed into our ‘issues’ and weak on the big picture. But time is up. Gentle words and soft coaxing are not enough. We need to overturn the tables in the temple and call people to a better way of living that will deliver justice for the planet and justice for people, knowing that there’s no justice for one without the other. We need to do it now. And the only way to do it is to work together – really work together. Continue reading